Saturday, January 2, 2010

I'm a terrible blogger

I’ve realized that I’ve been a derelict blogger. I have inadvertently kept the best part of my dating experiences to myself. I have hid my Mr. T. in my head and arms for a number of months without recreating for my readers. For those who know me, I have a terrible memory. The fact that I am trying to reconstruct dates and feelings from months ago means there will be missed pieces and embellishments.

Let’s go back a few months…
Last I wrote, Brian and gone on a few dates. I missed one date in its entirety. On the first Sunday post meeting, we decided to hang out and watch the football game and then go golfing. In retrospect, I don’t remember much about the date. I remember a few things (not in order of importance):
- He wore plaid shorts and a striped shirt. He decided this was fashionably reasonable as both the shorts and shirt was in the same color family.
- I was introduced to his female roommate whom looked eerily familiar
- I poked fun at him a little too much and acted like an idiot
- He told me a joke that was accompanied by a drawing (which sealed my fate on how much I liked him)
I wish that I had taken the time to write this then. I wish I could remember all of the funny things he said (he was truly charming). I wish I could remember exactly the first time I smelled him and the first time we accidently touched, etc. Heck, I was in a ton of trouble as I half forgot our first kiss. Mr. T. has vowed to help me in future posts to recreate our courtship; at which point you’ll have a much more accurate picture of how things unfolded. For now, you get my ineffective recounting.

Monday, October 26, 2009

White/Black shirt guy - early September

We will call this one "white/black shirt guy" (WBSG). Erika coined his name as he was wearing AGAIN the typical guy date outfit (jeans, white button-up with black print and leather shoes). He met me late night at Zeno a dessert and wine bar.

I really feel at this time I'm not giving any of these guys fair representation. Let's clear the air. Mr. T from earlier posts is now my official BF. I'm trying to update my blog so everyone is caught up on my love life, but really, I'm not capturing all the fun (and disappointment) that was a crazy couple of weeks of dating.

WBSG had profile pictures of him traveling the world. He was skiing in the mountains, hiking in Prague, etc. I liked the idea that he was well traveled and educated. He was actually pretty fun. I had a couple of glasses of wine and really just got a flavor for this uber-Uptownite. We went out on a Thursday at about 8:00 PM and he had plans to meet friends closer to 11:00 at a local bar. Who goes out that late on a Thursday night? I thought right away that we had different ambitions in life. Mine included sleep. His included impairment.

Although he was a little too urban for me, he was fun and entertaining. I decided to see him again.

The second time I saw him he invited me to his house for paella. I love when a man cooks! It's such a treat to see a guy try so hard to impress a woman. Not only did he cook a meal, he cooked a meal that takes hours to prepare and multiple proteins. He was definitely getting points.

As he cooked dinner I sipped wine and enjoyed the Latin music. We had insignificant conversation and sat out on the patio for a bit. It was early September in Minneapolis and quite warm. It was a great date capped off with a nice kiss (PG). Although it was a nice kiss, it wasn't filled with passion or urgency. I realized at that point that he would not be the guy for me.

He was SUPER cool about my rejection call and offer to set him up with one of my friends (per Patti - share the love). He went out with my friend Jennifer. It wasn't a love connection, but I felt I gave back to the world of dating. My conscience was clear.

I thought WBSG was super cool. He was a guy good enough to refer to one of my friends. I was wrong. This doesn't happen often (me admitting to error), so relish this now. He texted me in mid-October asking me out to a football game. I said I couldn't go, but wished him a good time. He texted, "I'm where you will never be, the land of fun. It's a good thing we never dated, you are lame. I'll call you next time I'm in a nursing home". Ouch. Sting factor - slight. AHole - major.

Triathlete + IT Geek = No match (early September)

I was so excited to meet this super hot triathlete! Photos alone sold this guy. It was like seeing the perfect dress online and then ordering it; when it showed up it was not what I ordered, it was polyester with a broken zipper. Let me explain.

This guy on paper was perfect. At 6'2'' and 190lbs in ridiculous shape he exuded hotness. He had a master's degree, a job, a home, and a sense of humor. Need I say more?

We met at Doolittles (a local bar/restaurant) for appetizers and drinks on a sunny weekend day. He is just as cute as his photos in person. Folks, that is where it ends. Although we had a nice chat, it was apparent that there was no chemistry. In addition to the lack of fire, he was a conversation hog (yes, more so than me if you can believe it) AND he corrected me. He was telling a story about a company that had a massive amount of employees that had doctorate degrees. I commented that I found that odd that they had so many biochemists and he corrected me with some outlandish job description (not biochemist) that I had never heard of. I know I'm not doing the story justice, but trust me, I was done.

I sent an email stating he was a very educated and attractive guy, but I didn't feel the connection. No response from him, but he did close my eHarmony profile. And on to the next....

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

ME - Another eHarmony photo

DATE 3 - Mr. T Continued - September 15th

Mr. T wanted to see me again. I wanted to see him. The problem was that I had an extremely busy week (dates, school, work, friends). What is a girl to do? We would have a breakfast date at Hell's Kitchen. It was interesting to have a morning date in full work garb. I made sure to make corporate dress attire sexy with a black dress and knee high boots. Capture his attention - check.

Breakfast was really casual and a bit uncomfortable when he explained that he generally doesn't eat breakfast and isn't a morning person. (breakfast might not have been a great idea). This is where things get off path for me. I stopped following one of Patti's rules. I paid. I hope this doesn't backfire on me. If it does feel free to yell, "she told you so!".

He sent me a text after breakfast saying I looked cute. I LOVE verbal affection. It puts the biggest smile on my face to know someone is thinking of me. I'm tallying his positive points- smart, tall, verbally affectionate, etc.

He's bald. Have I mentioned this? He shaves his head every day. I hadn't ever given a second thought about dating a bald guy, but I never have. I have since found that there are advantages to having no hair. It's super easy to give kisses to the top of his head (which is quite fun).

This is also the week that I am meeting a total of five guys. Things are going to get complicated. But what is life without a little complication?

DATE 2- September 11th

We will call this one Mr. T.
On September 11th I met Mr. T for our first date downtown Minneapolis after a brief courtship courtesy of eHarmony. Mr. T is a 31 year old from the cities who happens to also work for my employer. Although my employer has hundreds of thousands of employees, this guy works in my old pyramid! It's a small world after all.

So, I was initially attracted to his profile and an absolutely ridiculous red fedora in one of his pictures. It was a picture of him during the running of the bulls in Spain. "What" you say! A smart guy with a sense of adventure? Found on eHarmony? Yes, my friends! Totally worth the $150.

We met downtown and IMMEDIATELY I was nervous. He was wearing the obligatory metrosexual date outfit- white unbuttoned shirt (with a pattern on the back), dark jeans and leather shoes. In the scheme of things this isn't a deal breaker, but not my favorite look. Things started looking iffy when he explained that his plans had fallen though. We would be spending our first date "winging it".

We had drinks at Cosmos and then moved to King and I for dinner. I'm pretty sure we went to a few other places as well, but in my laziness over the past month I don't remember. I do remember that it was very comfortable. We spend about seven hours together on our first date and no goodnight kiss. At this point I was unsure of what (if anything) would happen.

Fast forward-
Text the next day from Mr. T
"Don't think I want to wait the full 4 days of guy time to call you. If you are walking the lakes tomorrow and wants some company let me know :) "

Patti writes that men need time to ponder new women. He liked me right away! Awww shucks.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Handful of Men - Literally- DATE 1 September 10th

August 31st seems like forever ago. Since then I have been through a handful of men, it’s snowed in Minnesota and my hair has grown about an inch. August 31st was an important date as it was the day I had my pictures professionally taken for eHarmony. Little did I know, but that was the catalyst to my dating extravaganza (not to be outdone by Dating Extravaganza 2008 in which I had nine dates in eight days).

I have been very fortunate to meet an array of very eligible bachelors through eHarmony and friends over the past month or so. The first bachelor we will call STL. STL was introduced to me by my boss (isn’t that the sweetest?). STL is a 26 year old cutie with farm boy charm. He picked me up and took me to an amazing place called Prohibition on the top floor of the Foshay Tower. Prohibition is a kitschy, dark, romantic little spot overlooking the city. We had drinks there followed by sushi at another local favorite. Note to readers- men that like sushi get extra points!
This is where STL’s story ends. No kiss goodnight. Don’t pass go and collect $200. I’m not really sure what happened, but I don’t think either of us felt the fire.